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In 1959, Maria Liliana’s family made a donation in memoriam of Francesco, Maria Liliana’s brother , who had perished in a car accident: a new centre was opened in Milan, on the outskirts, at the same time with the erection of the new parish, “Santa Maria Liberatrice”.

A nursery school was christened by cardinal Montini, the future Pope Paul VI. For years the centre worked not only as a nursery school, but also as an oratory for girls.

At the moment two main activities take place: a nursery school ( recognized by the Italian Board of Education) and a youth hostel for young female workers and students. It’s also the centre for formative events , biblical and catechetical , prayer meeting.

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Nursery school "Francesco Toselli"

Our school has 80 children, divided in 2 main sections: Junior Preschool ( 1 class for 15-month-old to 3-year-old children) and Senior Preschool ( 3 classes : one for 3-yr-old children; one for 4-yr-old children; one for 5-yr-old children).

The school follows the educational guidelines given by the Italian Board of Education (MIUR) , giving special priority to the formative issues which also belong to the spirit of the Association:

  • Development of communicative skills
  • Development of moral values
  • Promotion of personal skills
  • Promotion of peaceful coexistance
  • Collaboration among the children
  • Creation of a familiar and peaceful atmosphere, involving both families and children

The main concern is about the children’s moral and religious growth, respecting the different faiths and religions. At the end of the preschool education, the link among the members of the community, the teachers, the families of the children and the children is kept alive thanks to the confidence and trust experienced thoughtout the years.

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Youth Hostel "Immaculate Heart of Mary"

The Youth Hostel “Immaculate Heart of Mary” aims at offering accomodation to young people in need of support, with particular regard to:

  • Young female university students
  • Young female workers accomodation suffering from economic hardship or facing familiar difficulties in need of temporary accomodation

The Community offers them a familiar homely environment and opportunities for human and Christian growth: this doesn’t exclude guests from other religions and faiths. Life in a hostel means living moments of brotherly life, sharing recreational and social activities, in communion, respect and harmony, like in a family.

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How to reach us:

  • Either Underground Line 2 (Green Line) ( from Sant’Ambrogio to Famagosta ) , then Bus 95 (from Famagosta to piazza Chiaradia) or Trolleybus 94 ( from via Carducci to S. Sofia-Romana) , then Tramway 24 (from S. Sofia-Romana to Ripamonti-Barletta)

From Università Statale (via Festa del Perdono):

  • Tramway 24 (from S. Sofia-Romana to Ripamonti-Barletta)

From Università IULM:

  • Bus 95 (from Famagosta to piazza Chiaradia)

From Università Bocconi:

  • Tramway 9 ( from Bocconi to Ripamonti-Bligny) , then Tramway 24 (from Ripamonti-Bligny to Ripamonti-Barletta)